The carrots were just the beginning.

by threegirlpileup

We spent Saturday morning out in the garden, harvesting a big pile of root vegetables.  My intention had been to go out and pick some beets for a salad at lunchtime, but the girls came with me–and the harvesting began.  Beets (hooray!) and carrots and onions and garlic, plus a couple of early cucumbers and some late lettuce.



We carried armloads up to the deck, where Anna spread them on the little table and exclaimed, “Root score!” Then she explained quietly, in case I was typically slow on the uptake, that she said “root score” because we scored so many root vegetables.


Anna made good use of the water table to wash everything, which I think is one of her favorite parts of root veggies.  She enjoys telling me how dirty they are and how much scrubbing they need.


We then shared carrots for breakfast and fixed fresh beets for lunch.  Yum!