Fun with yarn and pipe cleaners

by threegirlpileup

We love yarn and pipe cleaner crafts.  At one point, we were going through packages of pipe cleaners at a breakneck pace, but we haven’t had them out in awhile.  Earlier this week, though, my friend Nancy sent me a list of links that enticed me to lay out pipe cleaners and yarn and wooden beads and fabric–basically a big pile of old favorites.

We made yarn pumpkins and witches and brooms and ghosts.


(In case you can’t tell, that’s a witch and a ghost, carrying a pumpkin, riding on a broom.  Anna carefully attached them with pipe cleaners, aka “safety belts.”)

My kids seem to find pipe cleaners a very satisfying material to work with.  It bends and cuts easily, and we have lots of colors.  Maggie made a little basket and a black cat to go along with her witch.


No question, though–Anna’s favorite part was cutting the witches’ hair.  I started one with very long hair.  Once Anna got done with it, here’s what she looked like:


So much to love–the yellow safety belt, the sunglasses.  My favorite part, though?  Listening to the girls play with their witches–there was a pumpkin contest of some sort, and a lot of flying.  And Anna insisted that her witches flew the fastest because of their short hair.  Long hair slows you down, don’t you know?