Self-inflicted haircut #3

by threegirlpileup

This one was pretty tame compared to the last two.


(that is a happy face, in case you can’t tell).

This self-cut was a specific attempt to style her hair.  Although she decided some time ago that (like Maggie) she wanted  to grow out her bangs, Anna was getting frustrated with them always falling in her face.  So she decided to trim them.

The reason you can’t see them in the picture is because they are really, really short.  As in about an inch long.

I admit, I had a shocked and dismayed reaction (my baby! her beautiful hair!), but honestly it doesn’t look that bad.

And when I was able to take the time to reflect, I realized that cutting her own hair is just so very Anna.  I’m sure that in the future she’ll take scissors and hair dye and who knows what else to her hair.  She’ll be experimenting with make-up and fashion and generally using her body as one of many canvases for self-expression.  And my, oh, my–that girl certainly has a lot to express.