Every fairy needs her dagger.

by threegirlpileup


The girls have so far enjoyed having coordinating costumes (last year it was a spider queen and her web), and this year settled on Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.  And in case you were wondering, this is Tinkerbell dressed up for a fairy dance, which is why she is wearing pink instead of green.

My kids–especially Anna, but both of them really–are big fans of the Disney fairies.  I admit that I was reflexively resistant to this line of uber-marketed Barbie-ish creatures.  But I’ve softened.  First of all, we read the first two Disney fairy books (“Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg” and “Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand”), which are actually two very nice books written by Gail Carson Levine.  She spins tales of Neverland fairies with different talents, creating a detailed fantasy world that has totally captured the girls’ imaginations.  There are then dozens of shorter books about individual fairies; we’ve read many of them, and they are a favorite of Anna when she’s looking for an audiobook.  I still wish that the illustrations didn’t have them looking like friendly Bratz dolls, but I can live with that.

So, Tinkerbell and Peter it was.  Maggie has been really inspired by the Peter Pan musical of late, so she was excited to dress up as Peter Pan.  Anna–of course–wanted to be a fairy, and loved the idea of complementing Maggie’s Peter.  So I gathered patterns and fabrics, sewed and altered and assembled.  I was pleased that well ahead of Halloween, I had the costumes finished.

Or so I thought.

“Oh, Mommy, my costume is soooo beautiful.  Everyone will love it!” Anna gushed.  “But there’s one thing–I need a place to put my dagger.”

“Your dagger?” I asked.

“Yes, of course,” she answered.  “Tinkerbell always carries a dagger.”

“Really?” I asked dubiously.  I turned to Maggie, seeking some back-up.

“Of course, she does, Mom,” said Maggie (being no help at all).  “Tinkerbell is very fierce.”

So, we borrowed a dagger and decorated it with jewels.  And my fierce little fairy headed out in miles of tulle and satin–carrying a sharp weapon.  Sounds just about perfect.