A trio in blue.

by threegirlpileup


(Yes, that is the edge of my pajamas in the upper corner of the photograph.)

These three knits are gifts for dear friends who are soon to be welcoming a new member to their family.  The seeds for this project were planted a loonng time ago, when my friend Jennifer mentioned that if ever I was going to knit something for her daughter, she would love a hat with a scarf attached, since she had fond memories of one from her own childhood.  Not long after that, I came across Knitty’s Toasty Topper, and put that in my mental queue.  So when I found out that Jennifer was expecting a new baby, I thought it would make a good big sister gift, bought the yarn, and knit it this summer while we were in New York (always a time of super-productive knitting).  And then, having just knit Owlet (scroll down) for my nephew, I was inspired to make a hat for the big brother using those fantastic owl cables.

The girls enjoyed modeling the hats.


And then I moved on to baby knitting…I went to the (only) local yarn shop in search of inspiration, and found it: a sample of Lillie’s Little Sweater, a top down hooded cardigan knit (hooray!) in one piece.  Although the shop owner thought I was crazy not to just do a baby sweater in acrylic (sorry, but ick!), I went home with the pattern and some lovely blue Misti Alpaca.

Although blue might not be the usual choice for a baby of as-yet-unknown gender, it seemed perfect to me.  I love blue for baby girls, and it is almost impossible to find–seems like everything blue also has trucks or construction equipment or something that says, “I’m a boy!”  I loved the few pieces of blue clothing that my girls had as babies, so I’m always happy when I can gift a girl with something blue.  And if it turns out to be a boy–well, obviously blue works just fine.  Although I will admit to sewing the buttons on the “girl” side even though the baby hasn’t made his/her gender known yet.  Somehow, I don’t think anyone will notice.

I have to admit that this sweater was a more ambitious knitting project than I had intended.  I’ve been trying to stick to accessories and quick knits that I can actually complete.  But my New York knitting groove got the best of me, and I figured that SURELY I could whip out the sweater in time for the new baby.

Which I have, but just barely.  Jennifer, who has always delivered early, is now 38 weeks–and the sweater is ready to go.  I have been dilligently knitting away on this sweater since we returned from New York in August, but progress has been slow.  I have been disciplined about only knitting on this one project, but when I only seem to get a row or two done at a time, the little sweater grew very slowly.  But grow it did, and now it’s finished, ready to cradle that sweet little head when it arrives.

I wouldn’t gift just anyone with a hand-knit alpaca sweater, but I’m so happy to give this to Jennifer.  Although not a knitter herself, she appreciates the love and care that goes into such a gift–and she isn’t afraid of a natural fiber!  (Although I did buy a small bottle of Euclan to include with the knits.)  I also know she will hand this down first to her own babies and then to others who will enjoy this little bit of knitted goodness.  I love imagining this little sweater getting passed around from one family to the next, wrapping new little babies in coziness and love.

In the meantime, getting that project finished has given me a spurt of new knitting momentum.  More to come on that….