Found a peanut.

by threegirlpileup

My in-laws recently harvested a nice crop of peanuts.  With some of their extra seeds, I had put in a few plants myself, but they have been entirely neglected.  I put them in as more or less an afterthought, in what is honestly the worst bed in the garden.  We got a few plants, but they were pretty overrun with weeds, and I didn’t figure they were producing much of anything.  But after seeing the big basket of peanuts at Gramma’s today, it seemed worth at least taking a look to see if there was anything there.

And there was!


After I found the first one, I went inside and got the girls so that they could see.  We managed to dig up a handful of peanuts.  It’s fun–kind of like digging potatoes, it’s a treasure hunt.  For more on peanuts and how they grow, check out this link .

The best part was that after harvesting our little legumes, they quickly started playing a game that involved living in Australia.  Maggie was a wild kangaroo that was attacking the garden, and Anna was scaring her off by tossing radish greens in her hair.  Meanwhile, I cleared out a bed in anticipation of planting garlic and shallots to the happy music of their play.  All in the midst of a gorgeous fall day. It doesn’t get much better than this.