My latest cookbook crush

by threegirlpileup

I admit it.  I tend to get crushes on cookbooks.  Last summer it was Patricia Wells’ Vegetable Harvest.  Newly obsessed with my own garden’s bounty and eating locally in generally, I literally ate up all her recipes for seasonal produce.

This fall?  Things are a little different around here.  While I’m still gardening and shopping at the market, my newish part-time job has made life significantly more crowded.  So my new cookbook crush?


I’ve been a Cook’s Illustrated junkie for years now…I love the look and feel of the magazine, and the approach to testing recipes appeals to the scientist in me.  So when I got an offer for a discounted copy of this book, I couldn’t resist.  I rarely buy cookbooks, and when I do, it’s usually only after a long trial period with the library copy.  But there was no copy of this in the library, so I just took the plunge.

So far, so good!  The recipes really do take 30 minutes, and  use tricks like cooking pasta in a sauce rather than separately.  So in addition to quick cooking, the recipes tend to use minimal pots and pans–always a bonus.  The only shortcoming for me is that the recipes often have an ingredient or two that I don’t generally have on hand, so advance planning is required.  But being able to produce a real dinner on the fly definitely makes it worth it.