Party Pants and a Fairy Castle

by threegirlpileup

Phew!  It’s been busy around here!  What with Anna’s actual birthday and then her birthday party and a busy time at work and the upcoming holidays, suddenly it seems we are moving at a breakneck pace around here.

There have been a few too many late nights for me, mainly working on birthday presents and the like.  On Friday afternoon, I got caught up in my knitting and did not get started on Anna’s birthday cake.  Despite this, I also got it in my head that I would not only make her a birthday crown, but I would also sew her a pair of fancy pants for the next day’s party.  After Maggie’s play, Anna was entranced with the faux brocade that was Maggie’s costume, so I bought a piece to make into something for her to wear.  I settled on a pair of pants, starting with the pants pattern from “Carefree Clothes for Girls.” It’s a beautifully simple pattern, with only two pieces–just what I needed!  My only comment would be that the pants definitely run short, so you may want to take that into account. Well, that and that the patterns don’t have seam allowances.  What’s up with that?  Anyway, I was able to whip up the pants while the crumb coat on the cake was setting up in the fridge (thank you, serger!).  So the next morning, Anna was decked out in her golden pants, her matching birthday crown, and her hand-me-down sequined shoes.

I have to say that I would not recommend this fabric for kids clothes.  It frays like crazy; by the time we were home from the party, one of the seams had come undone due to fraying.  And the fabric is fragile; Anna had a run-in with a big strip of velcro in the bounce house, and it ripped up the surface of the fabric.  While it may not be so common to encounter so much velcro, this fabric is definitely not well suited to the hard physical play that’s the norm around here–even for my little princess.

And did I mention that there was a cake?  Anna has been planning her birthday cake for some time, and settled months ago that she wanted a fairy castle cake.  I love making an elaborate cake, and even spent time earlier in my life working as a cake decorator.  So for me, it’s a treat to have a cake project to work on.  Granted, it would have been nice not to work into the wee hours of the morning–but that timing was entirely my own fault.  So I brewed some tea, put on an audiobook, and settled in to work.

I wish I had some pictures of the cake in progress, but all that icing doesn’t lend itself so well to pulling out the camera.  Especially at one in the morning.  So we’ll all have to settle for a picture of the finished project.

Happy birthday, Anna–again!

And it’s onward to Thanksgiving…..