by threegirlpileup

I have a lot of great pictures from our day at home yesterday.  Like these balancing pipe cleaners.

Or Maggie’s cursive shopping list:

The girls making cookies together:

Spontaneous four-seasons art work…

and much more that I don’t have pictures of.  Planting garlic.  The girls playing outside with Mopsey.  Maggie attaching a helium balloon to a ball of yarn, and extending it far up into the sky.

But oh my, those pictures and memories do not tell the whole story.  They don’t show the way Maggie had a catastrophic meltdown when she had trouble getting her pipe cleaner to balance.  Or the enormous amount of yelling there was over that precious balloon.  Or all the wrangling and tears and unhappiness was interspersed with the garlic planting.

And while I regret the part that I played in the yelling (oh, I did), I also know that it’s what I see in those pictures that we’ll really remember.  We are, all of us, strong and passionate and spirited.  It’s just never going to be constant smooth sailing around here.  We have our bumps, but seem to always be able to find our way back to one another.  We pile up into grampa’s chair, and laugh and love all over each other.

I’m hoping for a calmer day today.  But also trying to trust that all that big love will see us through.