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Month: December, 2009

Let the craft recap begin!

SouleMama commented the other day that she enjoys the way that the holidays continue past Christmas in blogland, since that’s when everyone can finally post pictures of their top-secret crafty gifts.

As you might imagine, I have a few to share.

It was over a year ago that I bought Alicia Paulson’s Stitched in Time and began scheming to make some of the projects. Two of those came to fruition this Christmas.

First, a memory game made of family photos, for my brother and his family.  In this project, you  use ink-jet printable fabric to make squares with family photos on them. We often give them pictures for Christmas, and this seemed like a fun way to share them this year.  I don’t have any great pictures, but here’s one of Jack and Anna playing with the game:

In the spirit of “get it done quick” and “use what I have,” I used fleece between the fabric layers and then serged them together.  The girls convinced me to use rainbow thread for serging (which took a little convincing since it required me to–gasp!–actually rethread my machine).  The best part of the project was that Maggie helped me with a lot of the cutting and assembly; we had several nights of staying up too late working on it together.  Well worth the lost sleep all around.

One thing I would note is that it’s definitely worth using the colorfast printable fabric sheets–although this is not likely to be washed, I found that the non-colorfast (which are a bit less expensive) were much more washed out in appearance, and ended up not using them at all.

Project #2 from the book was a recipe-card apron.  In this project, you scan in a vintage recipe card and print it onto fabric to be used in the apron, in this case as a pocket.  I started work on this last Christmas when I was at my parent’s house–I snuck into my  mother’s recipe file and snagged my great-grandmother’s signature lemon meringue pie recipe.  That served at the starting point for this project, which I must say I love and moved my mother to tears!

Yes, I do love the holiday craft review.  More to come soon!



It’s been a crazy few weeks around here.  We got back from Chicago on the 11th, and I was immediately smacked down by a bad cold.  And there was an unusually large amount to do for work, going to meetings and wrapping stuff up for the end of the year.  Not to mention that I suddenly had only a couple of weeks to get ready for Christmas with our little family.

This Christmas travel plan is a new one for our family.  For years, we’ve traveled to my parents for the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  For a variety of reasons, we decided instead to travel to my brother’s house in Chicago in early December to celebrate Christmas together.  And while I think this is going to turn out to be great in many ways, I think it will take me a year or two to adjust to what is very different rhythm to our holidays.

So there has been crafting and baking and all sorts of merriment–but no extra time to blog about it!  Here are a few pictures from our holidays.  Hope yours were just as sweet as ours.

The cousins make cookies.

In between playing in the snow, we have spent plenty of time playing inside, including a batch of holiday cookies.

I love how sweetly they are working together in these pictures, especially since there was plenty of jockeying (read: shoving and grabbing) for the bowl and the measuring spoons and especially the sprinkles!

Maggie isn’t in the later pictures because she opted to take on the role of “Reporter Maggie” as she made a sequence of videotapes about the progress of the cookies.

A big mess was made and a good time was had by all.

Enough snow to shovel.

We woke up to a white world.  The kids got to work cleaning it up.

Brushing off the car..

and shoveling the driveway…

…and a little snowball-making.  There wasn’t really enough for a snowman, but still enough to play with.

For those who live in places that have an honest-to-goodness snowy winter, I realize this dusting of snow might not seem so exciting.  But my kids live for the prospect of snow on our annual trip to the north.  I’m so glad they got at least a little dose of playing in the white stuff.


A little.  Which when you’re a kid from North Carolina, is pretty exciting.

We’re in Chicago visiting my family to celebrate the holidays.  And the treat today was the first snow of the season.  Not enough to really stick, but enough for a few thrills.  The kids bundled up to go outside to catch flurries on their tongues and noses.

My nephew, Jackson, got out his snowshovel, but told me that there just wasn’t enough snow for it to work.  Everyone came in a little wet and a little cold, pink-cheeked and beaming.  Anna wore her snow pants for most of the day.  We had some hot chocolate and popcorn and kept watching the snow come down.

Later, the snow picked up, and  found Anna at the door, gathering some into a little container.

“We’ll put it into the freezer, ” she said, “so we can always remember this day.”

Cousins.  And snow.  It doesn’t get much better than that.