by threegirlpileup

A little.  Which when you’re a kid from North Carolina, is pretty exciting.

We’re in Chicago visiting my family to celebrate the holidays.  And the treat today was the first snow of the season.  Not enough to really stick, but enough for a few thrills.  The kids bundled up to go outside to catch flurries on their tongues and noses.

My nephew, Jackson, got out his snowshovel, but told me that there just wasn’t enough snow for it to work.  Everyone came in a little wet and a little cold, pink-cheeked and beaming.  Anna wore her snow pants for most of the day.  We had some hot chocolate and popcorn and kept watching the snow come down.

Later, the snow picked up, and  found Anna at the door, gathering some into a little container.

“We’ll put it into the freezer, ” she said, “so we can always remember this day.”

Cousins.  And snow.  It doesn’t get much better than that.