Crafts for the New Year

by threegirlpileup

Okay, I confess–stole this idea from Rockin’ Granola; I just loved her post listing crafts that she didn’t quite get to in 2009, and wants to make in the new year.  It seemed like a great chance to go through and consolidate all the crafty bookmarks I’ve been making.  (And since I’ve only had this laptop since August, hopefully the list won’t be tooooo long.)

Laptop Sleeve from Ars Technica

Woodland Jewelry Box by Melissa Neufeld

Painted Thread’s great tutorial for making felted balls.

Lined Crown Hat from Sewing Projects for Kids.

Reusable Snack Bags!  I have my own ideas about how I want to do this, but I got started on this tare with a tutorial at I Have To Say.

Herbal Scented Ink by Five Orange Potatoes.

There are SO MANY wonderful projects ls at The Magic Onions.  A couple that I really want to try are making our own zen garden and our own fairy garden.

Homemade vanilla! from Chocolate and Zucchini.

And of course there are the mental lists of knitting and sewing projects…socks for me, aprons for all of us, spring nightgowns for the girls…oh, that list could carry me well into the next decade.

Happy New Year!  May yours be filled with many wonderful handcrafts.