Harvesting Lunch.

by threegirlpileup

This time of year, I always think about heading out to the garden to find something for dinner.  Mostly right now it’s an abundance of lettuce, maybe a few carrots and peas (enough to snack on, not enough to cook and eat.)  We’ve had lots of kale, and about every 2-3 days we make a nice cutting of asparagus.

I’m not sure why I haven’t been so much been thinking about harvesting food for lunch.  Maybe it’s because our days get busy, and I’m often scrambling to shove a plate of food under the kids’ noses before we race out the door for some activity.  Or that it’s usually first thing in the morning that I take a wander out to check on the garden.

But yesterday morning it was nearly noon before I headed outside to see what might be newly sprouting.  Cate was with me, and what we found was the result of warm days plus lots of rain–a big explosion of growth.  The snow peas plants were suddenly covered with pods, and the asparagus bed had tons of shoots that needed cutting.  Most excitingly, we found these:

I planted the strawberry bed last year, so this is our first season to harvest.  The plants have been looking great and producing like crazy, but have been slow to ripen completely.  But yesterday there were finally some ready.  It was literally a treasure hunt to look for them.

We didn’t want Anna to miss out on the fun (my girls are lukewarm gardeners, but enthusiastic harvesters), so we ran back inside, coming back with baskets, knives, and Anna.

The favorite activity (i.e. the one the girls are most likely to engage in mortal combat over) was cutting the asparagus…

…but there was also much fun to be had picking peas and strawberries, which have the added advantage of being able to be eaten on the spot.

One of our favorite discoveries was that we were not the only ones eating the berries.  On the outside of our fence (erected last summer to protect the garden from nibbling bunnies), we discovered that they’d managed to snack on some of the fruit.  Since most of our harvest seems to be well protected we didn’t begrudge them those few bites.

So we headed inside with our baskets full.  Anna said, “Now we can go and eat our fruit and vegetable-full lunch!”

Which is exactly what we did.