The return of Chocolate Lips

by threegirlpileup

She’s baaaack!  (Her original appearance was here.)

Turns out that in spite of our many uses of strawberries last week, we neglected one of the most important:  chocolate dipped strawberries.   That neglect all comes down to me–I think the girls were asking on a daily basis to do it.  So when we had a nice collection of strawberries picked from the garden, we seized the moment (and, okay, braved the mess) to make a few.

This is  perfect example of a great little project that seems like more trouble than it is.  We melted the chocolate in the microwave, and then it was just a matter of rinsing the berries and dipping them.  We did a small batch, so they all fit on a small tray lined with wax paper.  The only messy clean-up was the chocolate bowl.  Well, that and the kids.  And the bathroom after Chocolate Lips decided to clean herself up.  All-in-all, though, there was a good messy-to-fun ratio.  And holy cow, I’d forgotten how delicious chocolate-covered strawberries can be!  Tart-sweet berries with a crunchy chocolate coating–yum, yum!  Hmmm, maybe we need to make some more today…I’m sure there are more berries in the garden that need picking….