by threegirlpileup

Amazingly, Cate turned ten on Sunday.  My thoughts couldn’t help but turn to her birth and her not-so-peaceful arrival in the world, which seems like both yesterday and a million years ago.  And to reflect on this extraordinary journey with this amazing little person who made me into a mother.  How she was born amazingly alert and with a huge head of red hair–neither of which seemed unusual to this new mama, since I had nothing to compare it to.  How this intensely engaged and never-sleeping infant and toddler has grown into an amazing not-so-little person who I feel lucky to know.  We celebrated her day with kayaking and swimming and bike-riding and stuffed shells and cupcakes.

I pulled together a somewhat random collection of photos of Cate from her first birthday (when I received my first digital camera) to the present.  It’s funny how the pictures show that change from baby chubb into the big girl I see today.  Sort of.  It’s still hard to believe I have a child who is starting puberty.  Or as she likes to say, “pubertizing.”  Notably missing from this collection are any ballet photos, but there are some great ones here.

Happy Birthday, Cate!  I am so glad that you were born!